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About Kristin Marzz

A Masterful Coach In The Art Of Singing And Performance

Kristin Marzz exudes a lifelong passion for singing and performance. Influenced by icons like Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston, she imparts warmth and energy to each song she sings and each student she instructs. With a masters in speech level singing, she has nurtured over 1000 students worldwide since 2008.

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Educated at the Berklee College of Music, Kristin boasts a diverse catalog of 100+ original songs across genres

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Join our thriving community with 1000+ happy students and elevate your musical journey!

Kristin Marzz


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Voice Lessons

Transform your vocal prowess with expert guidance in our dynamic and personalized voice lessons program.

Performance Lessons

Elevate your skills with personalized performance lessons, tailored to enhance your unique talents and stage presence.

Personal Styling

Elevate your style with personalized guidance and curated selections. Discover the essence of individualized fashion expression.


Capture moments in stunning frames, our photography services turn memories into timeless visual narratives. Explore now!

Online Vocal Academy

Enrich Your Voice From Anywhere With Our Comprehensive Online Vocal Academy. Unlock Your Full Potential Today!


Crafting melodies, weaving emotions – explore the art of songwriting with our expert guidance and creative inspiration.

DECADES OF EXPERIENCE In Personal Styling, Photography And Songwriting

Immerse yourself in exceptional moments, where quality meets comfort, creating unforgettable and enriching experiences.

Personal Styling


A singing teacher who can sing and is accountable to your development, ensure satisfaction, reliability, and a superior experience for all clients.

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Explore diverse options, pick a class tailored to your interests, and ignite your artistic passion.

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Choose Your Class

Explore diverse options, pick a class tailored to your interests, and ignite your artistic passion.

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